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A small segment of linen wrapping from an Ancient Egyptian Mummy, Ex Lord Lindsay Coll., (K14) SOLD
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Ptolemaic period c.300-100 B.C. A small segment of linen wrapping from an Ancient Egyptian Mummy found by Lord Alexander Lindsay [Alexander William Crawford Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford, 8th Earl of Balcarres (16 October 1812 – 13 December 1880), styled Lord Lindsay between 1825 and 1869, was a Scottish peer, art historian, antiquarian and author]. This fragment of mummy linen as cited on the included text was excavated in 1837/1838 whilst Lord Lindsay was on his travels in the Middle East in preparation for him writing his book " Letters on Egypt, Edom and the Holy Land" in 1838. The small segment of mummy linen is pinned to part of an old page with an ink penned inscription "taken from a mummy case 2000 years old" plus a small text extract from a Victorian document accompanies it detailing the find of the mummy case from which the linen hailed. A very interesting Ancient Egyptian item and from a notable collection which would make an interesting addition to any Egyptian collection, linen fragment approx. 54mm x 35mm, page and text approx. 228mm wide x 56mm deep, supplied in clear plastic protective envelope with card backing