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A very nice Ancient Egyptian Third Intermediate Period terracotta "Ushabti" figure from Thebes. SOLD
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Third Intermediate Period c.1070-713 B.C. A nicely formed redware terracotta "Ushabi" figure depicted in standard Mummiform poise with arms crossed and holding a flail in the right hand, left hand empty. The term "Ushabti" translates as "Answerer" as many of these miniature servant figures were placed by mourners into tombs in the belief that they would magicly animate and undertake the every day chores for the deceased in the after-life. Traces of original over-painted black pigment remaining in parts. Found near Thebes (Luxor) in the early 20th century and from a West Country collection. Intact and in very nice condition, a nice example of the type, 105mm tall x 33mm wide x 29mm deep