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A very nice mounted Bi-chrome glazed "Eye of Horus" amulet. SOLD
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Third Intermediate Period c.1069-702 B.C. A very nice mounted Bi-chrome glazed "Eye of Horus" faience amulet in a rich Turquoise glaze with applied detail of Brow, Eye and Regal beard embossed in a black glaze. The amulet is pierced laterally for suspension and is held by thread to a descriptive stand up display mount. the "Eye Of Horus" represents the Falcon Eye of Horus and these were wrapped in Mummy wrappings and also worn by Egyptians as a general protection against all malign influences as it was thought to possess strong protective qualities. This attractive little amulet is totally intact and in lovely condition and nicely displayed. Amulet 11mm x 9mm, display stand 47mm wide x 55mm high.