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A very nicely presented fragment of hieroglyphic cartonnage from an Ancient Egyptian anthropoid sarcophagus. SOLD
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Third Intermediate Period c.1070-712 B.C. A very nicely framed and presented cartonnage (linen and gesso) fragment from the exterior of an Ancient Egyptian anthropoid sarcophagus. The cartonnage segment is brightly painted with a multi-coloured border design along one edge and a partial column of brightly painted hieroglyphs running down the other all on a pleasant ochre base colour. The clear hierolglyphs translate to read "Revered before". Excavated in the Thebes (Luxor) area of Egypt in the 1940's and from an old German collection. A scarce and appealing Ancient Egyptian item, cartonnage 120mm wide x 70mm high, Frame 200mm x 150mm.