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A very rare Roman carved and turned bone Childs spinning toy (Whirligig) found in Northamptonshire. SOLD
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c.3rd/4th Century A.D. A very rare Roman carved bone Childs spinning toy (Whirligig) found in Northamptonshire. Skilfully made from a large carved disc of animal bone which has then been turned on a lathe to make it circular; concentric rings were then inscribed around the main face both as decoration and also a guide for drilling holes into the disc. Small holes have been drilled around the perimiter with another in the centre, around this, a 3 x larger drilled holes, at thirds around the disc through which fine cord would have been strung and then twisted with a small handle either side of the disc. When the handles were pulled away from each other the disc would spin very fast, possibly even making a whistling noise with the perforations. As the disc spins it winds the cord up again and when the handles were pulled again it would spin the opposite direction. A very rare and unusual Roman item, old chip to one edge otherwise intact and in very nice overall condition with good shiny surfaces and a nice patina, 43mm diameter x 6mm thick. Supplied in a display box.