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An appealing Celtic bronze votive horse figurine from Germany. SOLD
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c.3rd-1st Century B.C. An appealing Celtic bronze votive horse figurine originally found in Germany some years back and from a London collection. These small bronze horses were believed to be votive pieces intended for placement in small household shrines or sacred places as some form of offering or devotional symbol to their Gods; many also had a small seperate bronze figure of a mounted Celtic warrior that sat once upon its back. [These little figures are commonly unearthed with entire limbs or pieces of limbs missing and it is not clear whether or not this was intentional. It was not uncommon for the Celtic peoples to deliberately break items before depositing them at a sacred spot to effectively remove them from this world in readiness for the next]. This particular little horse has the lower limbs missing as do many of them, otherwise it is in good overall condition with a pleasant olive green surface patina. A nice and interesting Celtic item, 45mm long x 37mm high x 10mm thick.