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An attractive Neanderthal (Mousterian) small Jasper hand saw / knife, Fontmaure, France. SOLD
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c.60,000 to 50,000 B.C. An attractive Neanderthal (Mousterian) small Jasper hand saw / knife found at the famous site of Fontmaure, France and from and old French collection amassed in the 1950's. A nicely worked flake tool with flat underside and clearly worked on upper surface to form a prominent medial ridge with blade edges falling away from it. The largest blade edge finely worked along its length to form denticulated teeth so the tool could effectively be used as a hand saw for cutting through tougher meat or hides. An attractive and appealing piece with the lovely colouration that only Jasper possesses with good old surface ageing and patination. A lovely and tactile Neanderthal Jasper flake tool, 63mm long x 43mm wide x 62mm deep x 10mm thick.