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An attractive pair of Paleolithic Neanderthal small flint hammer tools, France 1960's. SOLD
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Paleolithic period c.50,000 B.C. An attractive pair of Paleolithic Neanderthal flint hammer tools found in the 1950's/60's in Le Grand Pressigny, Central France and from an old French collection amassed in the 1950's/60's. These two small hammer tools were probably used for reworking the edges on other flint tools and their smaller size probably made it easier to control and direct the impacts. One tool is roughly ovoid in shape, with some flatter impact faces but one side very smooth, so possibly also used as a small polishing stone for re-surfacing tools together with sand and water. The smaller tool is like a miniature hand axe but with impact pitting on one side only. Both pleasant examples in a lovely toffee / honey coloured flint so typical of this area, in excellent condition a most attractive old collection surface patination, A reasonable pair of Neanderthal flint hand tools both c.35-40mm each