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An attractive Paleolithic (Acheulian) hand axe, Fort L'Ecluse, Eastern France SOLD
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c.300,00 to 200,000 B.C. An excellent and attractive Paleolithic (Acheulian) hand axe found in Fort L'Ecluse, Eastern France and from an old French collection amassed in the 1960's. Nicely fashioned from a most attractive honey coloured flint and obviously submerged in water at some time in the past as it now possesses a gentle smoothing to the percussion ridges, making it a tactile and very pleasing piece to hold. The axe is bi-facially worked and sits perfectly in the palm of the hand facilitating a firm and controlled grip of the axe for use.Totally intact and in excellent condition with lovely tactile feel to it, an old collection number label on underside,an appealing Paleolithic hand axe with lovely colour and surface ageing, 103mm long x 85mm wide x 48mm thick