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An attractive Paleolithic Neanderthal flint flake saw tool, France 1960's. SOLD
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Paleolithic period c.50,000 B.C. An attractive Paleolithic Neanderthal flint flake saw tool found in the 1950's/60's in Le Grand Pressigny, Central France and from an old French collection amassed in the 1950's/60's. Elongated triangular form, smooth underside and with a prominent medial ridge on the upper surface with blade edges worked either side. Main blade reworked to add small denticulations to its edge to facilitate sawing. A nice example in a lovely toffee / honey coloured flint so typical of this area. A most tactile tool with some lovely surface smoothing, possibly from long term immersion in a river but otherwise intact and in excellent condition a most attractive old collection shiny surface patination, A pleasing Neanderthal flint hand tool, 65mm long x 40mm wide x 15mm at thickest tapering to blade c.3-4mm