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An attractively presented genuine fragment of the famous Televised Chelyabinsk (Russia) Meteor that fell to Earth, 15th Feb. 2013. SOLD
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An attractively presented fragment of the famous televised Chelybinsk Meteor that fell to Earth, 15th Feb. 2013. This large meteor was a fragment from a much larger near-Earth asteroid that had been impacted in space; this meteor entered Earths atmosphere over Russia at approx. 09:20 hours (Russian time) travelling at c.40,000 miles and hour. The extremely high velocity and resulting temperature caused the meteor to explode over Chelyabinsk in a blinding flash and causing a massive shockwave which was felt over a vast area,smashing buildings and windows with many people being injured in the process. This meteor was extensively filmed and televised and many videos of this can be found on Youtube. The estimated weight of the meteor was around 11,000 tons and when it exploded many fragments were strewn over Chelyabinsk and Chebarkl Lake where this fragment was found a few days later. The fragment was found and originally sold by the famous Meteorite hunter, Steve Arnold (from the "Meteorite Men" TV program). It is contained in a clear specimen case within a small glass fronted display case with personally signed certificate from Steve Arnold. This specimen is of a LL5 stony iron chondrite material with some fusion crust evident from the extreme temperatures of the re-entry and explosion, it measures 13mm long and weighs 0.7g. The display frame measures 140mm x 115mm. A rare chance to obtain a fragment of this most famous of Meteors.