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An early Lower Paleolithic flint small hand axe, Warren Hill, Suffolk.
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Cromerian Interglacial period (MIS 13) c.524,000 to 474,000 years old. An early Lower Paleolithic small flint hand axe found many years back at the famous Paleolithic site of Warren Hill, near Mildenhall, Suffolk, a site rich in Early Paleolithic habitation sites which has yielded more artefacts than any other Paleolithic site in Britain. From an old Norfolk collection. Fashioned from a thick flake of cream coloured flint, bifacially worked to form a wider grip end and a distinct functional point. Intact and in very good condition for its great age with good surface ageing and patina, an interesting and very early Early Paleolithic hand tool and from a notable prehistoric site. 79mm long x 66mm wide x 30mm thick