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An early Paleolithic "Levallois" flint flake pick / borer tool, Warren Hill, Suffolk. SOLD
An early Paleolithic
An early Paleolithic An early Paleolithic An early Paleolithic An early Paleolithic
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Warren Hill Habitation site dated to MIS 13, c.531,000 to 476,000 B.C. A rare early Paleolithic "Levallois" industry style flint pick / borer tool found many years ago at the famous and well documented site of Warren Hill, near Mildenhall, Suffolk ; Warren Hill pre-dates the Anglian Glaciation which makes it one of the earliest known pre-historic habitation sites in the U.K. This flake tool pick demonstrates a very early form of "Levallois" Industry type of manufacture (made from a flake struck from the top of a prepared flint core). Well defined and worked from an attractive speckled (Toad Belly) tan & beige coloured flint, characteristic of Warren Hill area. Totally intact and in lovely condition with good surfaces and ageing and a nice overall old surface patination, a rare and interesting example of an Early Paleolithic hand pick from a notable site, 115mm long x 43mm at widest x 30mm thickest