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An excellent Early Paleolithic "Clactonian" small hand axe, Nacton, Ipswich SOLD
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c.350,000-300,000 years B.C. An excellent Early Paleolithic "Clactonian" small flint hand axe found on the ancient foreshore of the River Orwell, Nacton near Ipswich, Suffolk and from an Suffolk collection. An early but skillfully worked Uni-facial hand axe fashioned from a most attractive toffee coloured flint derived from a flake struck from the top of a large flint pebble and then worked on one side to form a functional scraping and cutting edge. Original pebble cortex in situ on the outer surface and as struck. Totally intact and in very nice condition with good surface ageing and patination, some gentle water smoothing and overall a very attractive and tactile early hand axe, 86mm long x 80mm wide x 40mm thick.