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An excellent Lower Paleolithic pointed flint hand axe, Foxhall Road Pit, Ipswich, Suffolk.
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Foxhall Road Habitation site dated to MIS 11, c.424,000 to 374,000 B.C. An excellent Lower Paleolithic pointed flint hand axe found in the early 20th Century at the famous and well documented site of the Foxhall Road Gravel pit in Ipswich, Suffolk. The axe has been expertly fashioned from an attractive dark black / grey flint, pebble cortex remaining on butted end grip and down both the front and rear faces of the axe, clear working on sides of axe and featuring a nicely defined functional tip. Totally intact and in great condition with good surface ageing and nice old patination, a good example of an early hand axe from a notable Lower Paleolithic site, 70mm long x 65mm wide x 30mm thick