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An excellent Paleolithic (Neanderthal) flint notched scraper tool, Lynford Quarry, Norfolk. SOLD
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Site occupied and dated to 65,000 to 57,000 years ago. An excellent Paleolithic (Neanderthal) flint notched scraper tool found many years back close to the now famous Paleolithic Neanderthal habitation site of Lynford Quarry, Norfolk.[This famous and well documented site sat on the edge of an ancient channel of water where Neanderthals thrived and hunted. When excavated many years back, hundreds of flint tools were unearthed alongside thousands of butchered bones and teeth of Mammoths, Woolly Rhinos and Deers. The quarry is now a nature reserve owned by English Heritage so tools can no longer be unearthed here, so this is a rare opportunity to obtain a good Neanderthal flint tool from a notable site]. Expertly fashioned from a large flake of toffee / honey coloured flint, well worked and nicely defined and re-touched concave notch on main blade edge. Notched scrapers were a clever tool designed with one main function in mind, that was to shape thin tree limbs into straight smooth shafts for use as spears, harpoons or arrow heads, utilising the sharpened notch to strip away bark, shoots and small surface anomalies on the limb being worked. Intact and in very nice overall condition, with good colouration, surface ageing and a nice shiny patination to the worked areas. Small area or pebble cortex remaining on butt end to enhance grip when being used. A good example of the type and from a notable site, 70mm long x 43mm wide x 12mm thick