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An expertly prepared pair of Asteroceras Ammonites in display slab,Jurassic Period, Lyme Regis. SOLD
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Jurassic period c. 190 million years ago. An expertly prepared pair of Asteroceras Ammonites, semi-exposed in a display slab of original shale matrix and excavated at the famous location of Lyme Regis, Dorset and from an old fossil collection. [Ammonites are the extinct ancient ancestor of the modern day squid, cuttlefish and octopus but possessing elaborate coiled shells; they were prevalent throughout the prehistoric seas and could have been found in many differing forms and sizes from a few centimetres to over two meters in diameter. Ammonites became extinct in the late Cretaceous period c.65 million years when a massive meteor impact also led to the demise of the Dinosaurs] Both Ammonites now fully mineralised and turned to quartz with excellent detail of shells and coils, attractive and very tactile examples, nicely presented, larger ammonite 75mm diameter, smaller one 43mm, display slab measures138mm wide x 100mm high x 28mm thick, supplied with stand, a nice display piece.