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An Extremely Rare Upper Paleolithic "Magdalenian" bone "Sagaie" Bevel ended Spear point,France. SOLD
An Extremely Rare Upper Paleolithic
An Extremely Rare Upper Paleolithic An Extremely Rare Upper Paleolithic An Extremely Rare Upper Paleolithic An Extremely Rare Upper Paleolithic
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Upper Paleolithic "Magdalenien Culture" c.17,000 to 12,000 BP. An Extremely Rare Upper Paleolithic "Magdalenian" carved and polished bone "Sagaie" Single-Bevel ended Spear point, found in a Cave in the Vezere Valley in the Dordoigne, France in the early part of the 20th Century and from an old French collection. (Full details of the cave and location etc will be included). This bone spear point example is an excellent and complete example, expertly carved and polished with a single-beveled end which would have been hafted onto an opposing beveled face on the end of a wooden spear shaft and secured using natural resin and sinew (see last image for a representative example). [The "Magdalenien Culture" were the last "Great" Upper Paleolithic race and were named after the type site of La Madelaine, a rock shelter located in the Vézère valley, Tursac, in the Dordoigne, France. They were a sophisticated and intelligent race, regularly using and adapting natural caves as shelters; they were also great hunters particularly of larger animals like red deer, horses and large mammals and were also great fishermen. The "Magdaleniens" are famed for their expert manufacture of bone and antler tools and weapons, especially fine javelin & spear points and elaborate barbed harpoons (for fishing). They also produced some of the earliest complex art forms, on bone and antler and also painted onto cave walls]. This spear point is in very good condition for ancient bone with good sound surfaces. "Magdalenien" bone items are extremely rare and seldom ever appear for sale, a rare opportunity to add one to your own collection, the spear point measures 89mm long x 14mm wide x 8mm thick.