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Nice condition, larger Ancient Greek / Graeco-Scythian bronze Tri-sided / Tri-lobed socketed arrowheads (Priced each) SOLD
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c.5th-4th Century B.C. Nice condition, larger Graeco-Scythian bronze Tri-sided / Tri-lobed socketed arrowheads excavated some years back in the Balkans (Black Sea areas) which were at the epicentre of the Scythian Empire at the time. [The Scythians were a hugely powerful race that spread themselves over much of eastern europe and into Northern Greece and the Mediterranean areas from c.6th-3rd Centuries B.C.] These arrowheads feature a small socket at the base for insertion of a wooden arrow shaft and some have small deliberate apertures in one or more faces from the bronze casting process used. All in nice condition with good surfaces and pleasant dark green patination. A few have small knocks on very tip indicating their use in battle. [Priced for 1 arrowhead only, selected at random from remaining stock], typically 23-25mm in length.