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Two small clusters of Medieval chain mail, Yorkshire. SOLD
An excellent Medieval bronze Dagger scabbard chape, Yorkshire.
A group of 4 assorted Medieval Buckles & Buckle Plates, North Yorkshire.
A good pair of Medieval bronze Barrel padlocks, Yorkshire
An excellent Early Medieval bronze "Bee Hive" thimble from Yorkshire SOLD
A nice group of 3 x assorted Medieval bronze casket keys, Yorkshire.
An unusual Medieval bronze folding casket key from Yorkshire. SOLD
A large and ornate Medieval "Lunular" bronze strap end, Yorkshire. SOLD
A lovely, intact and usable Early Medieval "Beehive" bronze thimble. SOLD
A very nice Medieval Lead Pilgrims Cross / Crucifix found in Norfolk.
An excellent Medieval iron "armour piercing" arrowhead from London. SOLD
A good sized and pleasant Medieval Annular Brooch complete with pin. SOLD

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