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A small Roman bronze "Cupids face" mount from North Yorkshire
A pleasant pair of Roman bronze cosmetic tweezers, North Yorkshire
A large Roman hollow backed moulded head of a Cherub?, North Yorkshire
A rare Roman bronze "Lion" brooch / fibula, found in Yorkshire. SOLD
A large and pleasant Roman bronze cloak or hair pin, Dorset
A large and impressive handle from a Roman bronze Skillet, Nottinghamshire
A pleasant Roman bronze "T" brooch / fibula, Cambridgeshire.
A large and excellent Roman bronze "T" brooch / fibula, Cambridgeshire SOLD
A pleasant Roman bronze oval plate brooch found in Cambridgeshire.
A nice Roman "Snake head" votive bronze ring, found Cambridgeshire. SOLD
A large and rare Etruscan (Early Italian - Pre-Roman) terracotta bowl SOLD
An unusual and elaborate Roman terracotta oil lamp, Tunisia, N.Africa. SOLD
A pleasant Roman bronze "T" brooch / fibula, Nottinghamshire. SOLD
A small but pleasant Roman lead writing stylus from Derbyshire. SOLD
A very nicely detailed Roman bronze head of Apollo. SOLD

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