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A large and impressive Roman Military tanged Iron arrowhead, SOLD
A very nice Roman bronze "Crossbow" Fibula Brooch complete with pin. SOLD
A pleasant lozenge shaped Roman Military tanged Iron arrowhead. SOLD
A nice large Roman Bronze door key from an old London collection. SOLD
A nice and ornate Roman openwork bronze Fire Starter. SOLD
A nice pair of Roman bronze tweezers from a small cosmetic set. SOLD
A very nice and appealing Roman bulbous single handled terracotta jug. SOLD
A huge and very ornate Roman glass bead. SOLD
An early Roman (Romano-British) bronze Aucissa fibula brooch. SOLD
A very nice Roman bronze Sandal fibula brooch. SOLD
A nice large Roman (Romano-British) bronze disc brooch. SOLD
A nice Roman bronze "Dolphin" fibula brooch.SOLD
A nice Roman socketed Iron arrowhead SOLD
A scarce and unusual Roman iron horse shoe.SOLD

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